Communicating During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost all industries are disrupted and many companies have had to quickly change the way they do business.

Remote work, online events, meetings and classes, virtual hangouts and streaming are all being widely adopted right now. In this new landscape, video is more important than ever.

It’s become the tool to allow us to connect, share, and communicate during this crisis.

Video producers, marketers and communications professionals now think differently about ways they can meet the demand for video while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Here are just a few ways we’ve been able to help our clients continue to create.


1.  Post Production


Got a great idea but no footage? No problem. Using just motion graphics, stock video, and professional voiceover, you can still produce compelling content and get your message out to your clients, customers, or employees.


Check out some recent work we’ve done without shooting a single frame.


2.  Self-produced video


With creative teams working remotely and shoots postponed, marketers and communication professionals are asking: how do we get our message out using a largely remote creative workforce?


You may not be able to assemble a large crew and shoot video right now, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop creating. Use the tools available. Got an iPhone and a place to shoot? That’s all you need.


We can take your self-shot webcam or phone footage and turn it into something great. Let us help you polish your video with color correction, image stabilization, and industry-leading audio tools.


Your customers and employees want to hear from you, especially right now. Don’t let the limitations on technology hold you back from getting your message out there.


3.  Live streaming


Social distancing rules limit the number of people who can come together. This is causing many events and conferences to be postponed or canceled.

We’re now seeing more companies turn to live streaming technologies to create an online experience for their attendees.

Annual events held by companies like Adobe and Google are moving online, there are virtual film festivals popping up and virtual happy hours have now become a thing.

Religious services are live streaming and gyms are doing virtual workouts.


We can help move your next large event or meeting online – while making it easy for your presenters and adding interactivity for your attendees.


Live streaming is no longer the clunky experience it was several years ago. Advances in wifi technologies, streaming services and cameras have made the experience much more affordable and enjoyable.

It’s a viable (and necessary) service that can help elevate your event and keep your attendees safe.

During this time of uncertainty, continuing to connect with your employees and connect your audience to your brand has never been more important.

While there are limitations in place, there are also easy ways available that can help you get your message out.



Got an idea for a project? Reach out to us, we’d love to help.

Posted on March 26, 2020 in Freedom Digital Media, Uncategorized

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