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FDM partners with AVC and Philadelphia Gas Works on the new Energy Sense campaign

When Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) came to their longtime agency, AVC Media Group, about their new Energy Sense television campaign, they wanted something a little different than their usual. PGW needed a beauty spot that could tell a story, while still getting the message about energy efficiency out to their customers. The FDM crew was ready to turn a straightforward shoot into something special.

We shot in Philadelphia on our Nikon D800 camera, mounting it on our 19-foot jib. The jib allows us to achieve flowing, visually interesting angles easily, without spending a lot of a client’s time setting up and breaking down complicated dolly track. We shot everything in slight slow-motion to make the spot more “dreamy” and more like a story that viewers would want to follow.

In post-production, we continued to focus on the small details that can make a simple shot even better. Nick worked on color correction by adding a bit of golden sunny haze on several shots (see the before and after picture below for how much of a difference this can make). Overall, we accomplished this shoot and edit with a minimum of hours – keeping the budget low for our client.

Dave Trovato, President of AVC, calls the decision to bring Freedom Digital on board for the spot “an easy choice. The jib that Freedom used was above and beyond and so impressed PGW that they are already in the process of working with AVC on another campaign.”

Check out the finished spot below!

Posted on August 4, 2014 in Color Correction, Post Effects

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