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Baltimore Freedom digital media color correction

Color correction is something every film studio and production company does in post production for a piece of media. It is extremely important, but if done right it’s hard to notice. If you have no idea what color correction is you can probably make a close guess based on just its name: fixing or correcting any color issues with video footage. For major Hollywood studios, color correction can involve a team of people working at multiple large workstations to create a coherent look for a film. At Freedom Digital Media, we’re bit more “small-scale.” But we now have a new tool that will bring us into the big leagues.

Baltimore digital media color correction

It’s called a “control surface” and it allows us to make precise color corrections much faster and more accurately than we were before. Specifically, we recently purchased the DaVinci Resolve Mini, a premiere control surface for color correction.


Instead of using a mouse and keyboard to tediously make small adjustments, the DaVinci Resolve Mini’s weighted trackballs, knobs, buttons and dials allow us to fine tune our corrections on the fly, saving us time and you money. The control surface also allows us to adjust multiple settings, such as lift, gamma and gain, all at the same time, giving us a level of creative control that’s far beyond what’s possible with a mouse.

Freedom digital media control surface color correction

We’re excited to be able to bring this level of professionalism to our editing toolbox. If we have to spend less time making those tedious mouse and keyboard adjustments it means we can spend MORE time making sure the look and feel of the footage is absolutely perfect. Color correction is such an important part of video. Not only does the right color make your footage pop, but it can also evoke powerful emotions. So ensuring the color is perfect will go a long way towards making your video perfect.

Posted on March 28, 2018 in Color Correction, Freedom Digital Media

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