We Are the Flock

FDM Takes Flight

Earlier this season, the Baltimore Ravens premiered “We Are The Flock,” a powerful hype video aimed at getting the city of Baltimore and all Ravens fans excited. It features game highlights from past seasons and a dynamic performance by Ray Lewis to amp up the in-stadium excitement.

As this project took shape, Freedom Digital was asked to come on board to help produce and also direct the shoot.

Knowing that we had to deliver powerful imagery to back up the intense script written by Ravens Director of Broadcasting Jay O’Brien, we put together a game plan with Senior Cinematographer Eddie Coughlan that included three Arri Amiras, Steadicam, Jib, several dozen extras, animal wranglers, and a large grip and lighting setup on the roof of the Maryland Science Center.

After an extensive scouting process, it was determined we needed to shoot a second unit on the promenade of the Inner Harbor, which included support from Ravens Productions staff Phil Cunningham and Nick Modisett.

Jeff worked closely with former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis on his performance, pulling double duty as director and jib operator. This performance, set against the gorgeous backdrop of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, forms the emotional and narrative backbone of the piece. The final edit also includes many of Jeff’s shots from his years of shooting game action highlights for the broadcast team.

“The Flock was a large orchestrated marketing campaign about fans belonging to something bigger. You only get one chance to roll out a campaign like this; we wanted it to look as big time as possible, and FDM does big time. It’s by far the biggest shoot the Ravens have ever done. Whenever we do a big project, and especially one with Ray Lewis, we call FDM because we know they bring the best crew, get the best out of the talent, and it will always look great.”
Jay O’Brien, Director of Broadcasting, Baltimore Ravens

Freedom Digital has a long history of working with the Baltimore Ravens, and we enjoyed the chance to bring this project to life. We continue to work closely with Ravens Productions this season on weekly broadcast and online content. Look for Jeff on the field or Jordin in the control room at the next game!

Posted on January 13, 2017 in Freedom Digital Media

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